Help for Faculty & Staff

How to Get Help Fast

Here's a brief video overviewing faculty options for seeking help at PimaOnline.

24/7 D2L can assist you or your students when you experience troubles or issues. The D2L experts are available by phone, chat, or by submitting a ticket. You can also review a common list of FAQs, available in English, Spanish and French.

Since the Fall of 2020, Pima's Faculty Services & Resources Center (also known as the campus-based "FRC" or CRC") has been providing faculty with D2L Brightspace and general faculty support - and can direct you toward resources for common faculty questions about D2L Brightspace. Visit their website or download their 2021 print flyer or call their college-wide phone line at 520-206-6511


Visit this instructor playlist for short (2-5 min) video tutorials created by D2L Brightspace on topics including Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, Grades and more!

This PimaOnline faculty guide that you are currently within provides resources and strategies for online teaching in D2L Brightspace. Return to the home page for a range of options and quick links, or simply click on the D2L tab in the menubar above.

Visit D2L's faculty knowledge base for D2L Brightspace to learn about a broad range of D2L tools and topics including Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, Grades and more!

Submit an internal support ticket in MyPima to get assistance from our PCC D2L Support Team. Our support team can help you during regular business hours, Monday - Friday 8-5pm. In MyPima, locate the IT Service Requests link in the @Work tab.

Alternately, you can also seek support through "Help" in our D2L navbar drop-down menu. Scroll down to view our embedded Google Doc tutorial on this process.

As a final option, visit and click "Sign In" in the upper right corner to view or submit new faculty/staff tickets. Then click the Submit a Ticket button and choose the D2L Brightspace option.

If All Else Fails, Call Us

For D2L Brightspace issues in your courses that are urgent and haven't been resolved through other channels (24/7, ticket, chat, etc), PCC Faculty and Staff can call 520-206-2342.

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Subscription training, provides video tutorials within the D2L environment on how to teach and navigate in the Brightspace environment. Follow these directions to join the Brightspace Subscription Training. This will also give you free access to the Brightspace community, which offers many resources for any type of user. Connect with other users through discussion forums and FAQs.

How to Submit an Internal Ticket using our Team Dynamix TDX Ticketing System.

To view this embedded Google Document, first log into chrome using your Pima Gmail.

How to submit a TDX request (e.g. for a Zoom account) [shared]

Request Custom Training for 5+ Faculty/Staff

To request a tailored faculty development workshop for your division or department, please completed our request Google Form).