LEAD 183 Educational Videography

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Course Description

This 4-week beginner practicum provides educators with fun, hands-on experiences designing basic educational videos and video-sequences to support student learning using the latest DIY recording, editing and interactive edtech video tools available.  

While reviewing a broad variety of video artifacts gathered by course designers, instructors and peers, course, participants will: 1) explore PimaOnline’s video production standards rubric and checklist which outlines technical, pedagogical and accessible videography practices; 2) develop personalized goals for educational videography; and, 3) utilize these standards and personal goals as a lens for creating, reviewing, revising and sequencing educational videos. 

While learning about what’s new in educational videography through course readings and “watchings” - including emerging Video Resources for Online Teaching from the PimaOnline Faculty Guide, participants will share and reflect upon weekly educational video production work at various stages of development as their weekly hands-on LAB activity. For our culminating capstone project, participants will select and further revise one educational video and/or any accompanying interactive design elements or text (ie. “video paratext”) to share forward as a teaching-and-learning artifact for current and future LEAD183 participants.

Prerequisites: N/A

Highlights: What Faculty Participants Are Saying

"This course helped me embed videos into my feedback in D2L, create videos to answer specific questions about assignments and add more video support from videos found on YouTube for specific skills needed for assignments. In short, there has been an explosion in my use of videos to help support my classes."

"It's been great to see the possible options and how the more practice and introductions, opens doors and windows to wonderful opportunities. It's like going into a huge candy store and not having a clue as to what I want or even where to begin."

"The thoughtful guided readings to reflect on process and elements to think about as we record [were helpful].”  

"This course helped me explore more video production options, and find out how easy a lot of those options can be!"

"This is very helpful; I am working on overcoming my anxiety about creating videos. I am determined, but it may take some time ..."

“I came into the class wanting to improve my instructional videos, but now I am thinking about creating interactive videos."

Time Expectations for Participants

While designed for four hours of engagement per week, you are welcome to dive deeper. So far in this four-week course, most faculty do!

13.8 percent spend 3 to 4 hours per week, 31 percent spend 4 to 6 hours, and 48 percent spend over 6 hours

Course Background

Course designed by Reed Dickson and Kayla Shaw. First offered in June, 2022


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