LEAD 180 Rethinking Rubrics

Course Description

This 3-week accelerated practicum engages participants in collaborative inquiry around the design, use and careful analysis of rubrics.  Using D2L as a platform, participants will review, design and analyze a variety of rubrics and related teaching and learning artifacts.  To support praxis - the intersection of theory and practice - all participants are asked to engage as reflective practitioners in a shared review of essential beliefs about teaching and learning as it relates to assessment and feedback practices.  Likewise, course readings and teaching artifacts will present a broad variety of approaches for consideration in the context of online, hybrid or web-enhanced teaching.  Scenario-based inquiry will focus both on the use and misuse of rubrics and other assessment tools. By the end of this course, faculty will be able to design, use and be able to demonstrate the viability of rubrics addressing a range of learning activities.

Prerequisites:  N/A

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Course Background

Course designed by Reed Dickson and Kimlisa Duchicela.  First offered in November, 2019

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