Introduction to Online Pedagogy

Course Description

Overview: TE125 TEACH: An Introduction to Online Pedagogy is designed for faculty to provide basic online teaching skills that are needed to teach from a predesigned PimaOnline course. While TEACH does not certify faculty to build and create their own courses, it does guide and demonstrate to faculty how to enhance and personalize a prebuilt (formerly called "Master") course. TEACH will introduce and/or refresh faculty knowledge of D2L Brightspace LMS and associated tools. Participants will gather and refine their knowledge of course navigation, managing content, and using LMS tools for activities, communication, and assessment.

Length.  This is a 20-hour, 5-week course.

Certification: This introductory course provides TEACH-level certification, our first level of certification in a three-level certification step process for teaching, building and leading courses in D2L Brightspace.  TE125 TEACH is followed by TE150 BUILD, and together, these are prerequisites for most of our LEAD course offerings. 

Background: To teach a fully-online course, Pima faculty need to attain PCC certification by completing the PimaOnline TE125 TEACH Level Certification course. The purpose of TE125 TEACH course is to provide Pima Community College Faculty members the tools and resources to effectively teach and facilitate a predesigned course using the college's learning management system D2L Brightspace. While this course does not certify faculty to build and create their own courses, it does guide and demonstrate for faculty how to enhance and personalize a predesigned course.  

Payment for Part-Time(Adjunct) Faculty.  As noted in our course syllabus, part-time faculty who now successfully complete TE125 TEACH by the specified date will be compensated $500 for this 20-hour course.  Please note that adjunct instructors who are not employed by Pima Community College (i.e. dual-enrollment faculty) are not eligible for this payment. 

Who Can Register. All current Pima faculty and staff are welcome to enroll in this class, but please note that this course expects all registered participants to play the role of imagining they are going to be the assigned instructor for a predesigned PimaOnline course. There are no prerequisites for this introductory course. If you are currently teaching at Pima Community College as a full-time or part-time instructor (or staff member), we invite you to register today!

Course Learning Outcomes (V 3.0):

By the end of TE125 TEACH: An Introduction to Online Pedagogy, participants will be prepared to teach from a prebuilt course in a way that meets PimaOnline’s Criteria for Teaching Online. Regarding specific outcomes, by the end of this course, faculty will be able to use D2L Brightspace to: 

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Course Background

TE15 V3 was redesigned by Reed Dickson.  First offerings of V3: February 2, March 22, April 19, and May 31.

Faculty Development Educators 

The following faculty development educators have recently taught, or are currently teaching the current iteration of this course:  Elena Grajeda, April Burge and Mark Nelson.