LEAD 184 Advanced Tools for Online Learning

Course Description

This practicum provides educators with hands-on experience using the latest tools available within and through Brightspace D2L. While exploring the broad variety of innovations within D2L, participants will practice using advanced tools from both the instructor and student perspectives. Amidst these LAB activities, participants will routinely reflect on how these tools might support their goals for quality online learning. Participants will also examine the pros and cons of advanced design practices, with attention to both student and faculty needs. For our culminating project, participants will demonstrate and evaluate the advanced use of one or several of the D2L Brightspace and integrated third-party tools within their discipline. Included in that project will be a draft conference proposal to encourage the practice of presenting their work locally, regionally and nationally to advance excellence in online teaching and learning.

Prerequisites:  TE150 BUILD: Intro to Instructional Design 

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Course Background

Course designed by Reed Dickson and Anthony Sovak. First offered in April, 2022

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