LEAD 175 Quality Review
for Course Development

Course Description

This course is for experienced online instructors who are interested in knowing more about how to improve the quality in the design of an online course through the Quality Review (QR) Rubric and Course Development Guide used in the PimaOnline division. The course will go over the role of a reviewer using the QR Rubric and QR process. Learners will be introduced to the criteria used in evaluating online courses and how to conduct the review as a peer review process. Learners will also be introduced to the Course Development guide that can be used for building online, hybrid, or face to face courses. 

Prerequisites:  TE125 TEACH: Intro to Online Pedagogy and TE150 BUILD: Intro to Instructional Design 

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Course Background

Course designed by Robert Foth.  First offered in November of 2018,

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