LEAD 177 Inclusive & Equitable Course Design for Diverse Learners

Course Description

This workshop will discuss the rationale behind inclusive course design in terms of Civil Rights laws and the diversity, equity, and inclusion goals of the college. Participants will learn and work with the principles of universal and inclusive design to analyze learning modules for accessibility and inclusivity and design courses in which accommodations would not be needed while providing equitable and inclusive educational experiences for learners with diverse life experiences and identities. As part of the Capstone project, participants will design a lesson module in a topic area that is accessible and inclusive for diverse learners using the techniques learned in the training. Participants must attend the three-hour instructor-led portion of training on Feb. 4 and then complete 12 hours of subsequent online work.

Prerequisites:  TE125 TEACH: Intro to Online Pedagogy 

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Course Background

Course designed by Jon Howe and Mana Kariman.  First offered in February of 2019

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