LEAD 179 Student-Centered Learning

Course Description

This practicum engages participants in the design, use and analysis of student-centered learning objects/units. Participants will review and design such objects (within and beyond D2L Brightspace) with attention toward supporting student-centered learning and agency. While designing, participants will delve into praxis, the intersection of theory and practice, by using core concepts as a lens to analyze various teaching and learning artifacts (used in online, hybrid or web-enhanced teaching). 

Through conceptual and scenario-based inquiry, project design, and reflective practice, participants will consider the pros and cons of various student-centered design approaches. Participants completing this course will be able to design, use, articulate and demonstrate the viability of student-centered learning objects/units.

Prerequisites: N/A

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Course Background

Course designed by Reed Dickson and Teddi Schnur.  First offered in 2021. 

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