AI for Teaching and Learning

Resources & Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Third AI Town Hall, Spring 2024, 2 of 2. April 23, 2024.

LEAD 185 Fall 2024 Offering (Date TBD)

Second AI Town Hall, Spring 2024, 1 of 2. April 9, 2024.

4 AI Virtual Learning Community Sessions (VLC - TLC)

Five AI Events at Pima All Faculty Day. March 8, 2024 

AI for Teaching & Learning (LEAD 185) 2/2/24 -  3/1/24

Setting Clear AI Expectations for Your Students

As you develop your own pedadgogical approach around whether, when and how you want students to use AI in the classroom, keep in mind that your approach may vary significantly from other faculty at our college.  Make sure to communicate your expectations both within your syllabus and during the first week.  Here are a few resources to support this:

AI Tutorials Shared By Librarian Keith Rocci

PimaOnline AI for Teaching Resource Share

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AI and ChatGPT for Teaching (a resource supplement)

A Short History of AI and ChatGPT Events at Pima