What is PlayPosit?

PlayPosit is an interactive video platform used to make video-based learning more interactive. These videos, which PlayPosit calls "bulbs," are embedded inside courses and appear as ordinary videos. However, as viewers watch the video, inserted interactions pause and may prompt the reader to pay special attention to certain aspects of the video. These interactions may include pop-up questions, peer discussions, and more that viewers engage with before proceeding.

PlayPosit FAQs

What is a bulb?

Bulb is a term PlayPosit uses for the interactive videos created using PlayPosit. The founders of PlayPosit are former educators that asked their students what they would like to call the interactive videos. Their students wanted to call them bulbs, like a light bulb or a flower bulb, because or the ideas and growth that came from learning using interactive video.

Are there any costs for me or my students to use PlayPosit?

No! As long as you sign in at using your Pima Community College email, then there is no cost for you or your students to use PlayPosit.

How do I access PlayPosit?

  1. Go to

  2. Select the Google Sign In option.

  3. Select/enter your Pima Community College Google account.

Please Note: The first time you log in you may be prompted to fill out a short sign up survey.

How do I create my first bulb?

Everything you need to learn in order to create a bulb can be found on PlayPosit Academy. Step-by-step instructions can also be found on PlayPosit's Knowledge Base.

How do I remove a bulb from a course?

Step-by-step instructions can be found on UArizona's support article Unlink a Bulb from D2L.

How do I get help with PlayPosit?

Please contact our Instructional Technologist, T. Adam Baldry, for any help you need with PlayPosit.

Email: | Phone: 520-206-2248 | Book an Appointment

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PlayPosit Training & Webinar Series

Faculty Support Contacts

Brad Butler

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T. Adam Baldry

Academic Learning Technologies (ALT) Team

Instructional Technologists, PimaOnline


Phone: 520-206-2261(Brad) or 520-206-2248 (Adam)

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Additional Resources

PlayPosit Resources (an internal Google Doc).

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Interactive Videos with Playposit Supplement, PimaOnline

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