Launching College-wide January 2023

What is H5P?

H5P allows you to customize a variety of html-based formative learning activities. However, there is no need to know HTML to use H5P. Our college-wide license comes with a content creator that make activity design simple and easy. The activities you can create with H5P vary in form and purpose, but can be easily customized and embedded in a course. H5P even offers grade book syncing so you can easily award students points for the formative learning activities you create.


Is H5P available now for all faculty and staff at Pima?

No, H5P is not yet widely available at Pima. However, it will be available across the college in Summer 2022.

There will be opportunities for early access as part of a soft launch beginning in Spring 2022. If you are interested in early access opportunities, then please fill out the H5P Early Access Interest Form.

Please Note: the linked Google Form above can only be filled out by Pima Faculty or Staff logged into your Pima Gmail.

What kinds of activities can H5P create?

A list of content types and examples can be found on H5P's Examples and Downloads page.

Does H5P work in D2L?

Yes, H5P can be added to D2L using embed codes or using the H5P integration built into D2L. The embed allows the activities to be added as (not for a grade). However, adding H5P activities using the D2L integration will allow H5P activities to be graded and synced to the grade book.

What is the difference between H5P.org and H5P.com?

H5P.org is a free, open-source version of H5P that has limited features. H5P content created through H5P.org will not be included in our campus license, making it more difficult to add these activities to your course. Content created using H5P.org will require a self-storage solution such as Github.

H5P.com is a paid service that includes a content designer, and LTI integration with D2L, and student analytics, and storage of the content you create. You will want to create content for your course using H5P.com.

Resource Links (Coming Soon)

Resource Links for Faculty

  • Accessing H5P (In Development)

  • Creating a H5P Activity (In Development)

  • Adding H5P to My Course (In Development)

  • Syncing H5P and my D2L grade book (In Development)

  • Understanding Drill-down Reports (a.k.a. student answer analytics) (In Development)

Resource Links to Share With Students

  • Syllabus Introduction of H5P (In Development)

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