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What is Perusall?

Perusall is a social annotation tool that allows students to individually and collectively annotate learning materials including books, articles, websites, video, and more.

Why are we piloting Perusall at Pima?

Piloting a new technology allows us to safely test emerging technology in a small number of live courses to ensure positive teaching and learning experiences. Throughout our pilots, data is gathered from instructors and students to help us make well-informed decisions about how we might move forward with college-wide promotion of any educational technology.

Please Note: If you aim to participate in a pilot, it may require extra time and commitment - and may be offered only to a limited number of courses. Instructions on how to request participation in the pilot can be found below.

How Do I Participate in the Pilot of Perusall at Pima?

Pilot Status for Spring 2023: Availability

Please consider piloting Perusall during your Spring 2023 courses!

How to Join Pima's Perusall Pilot

To join our pilot of Perusall please book an appointment or email our Pilot Lead, Brad Butler (

PLEASE NOTE: Admittance to the pilot is contingent upon limited availability and adherence to the pilot program guidelines. These guidelines include only using the tool in low-stakes learning activities, acceptance of possible malfunctions, and completion of feedback surveys for instructors and students.

General Resources for Faculty

Pima Faculty Perusall Webinar

Teaching Strategies for Collaborative Annotation

General Tech Resources for Perusall & FAQs

Setup Resources

How do I set up Perusall in D2L Brightspace?

Other Resources

Perusall Knowledge Base

Brad Butler

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T. Adam Baldry

Academic Learning Technologies (ALT) Team

Instructional Technologists, PimaOnline


Phone: 520-206-2261(Brad) or 520-206-2248 (Adam)

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