Google Tools for Faculty


This page provides brief notes on using Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Drawing, Sites and Jamboard for independent and collaborative learning.  Please note: some tools like Jamboard and Google Sites do not currently have an "Add Comments" feature for marginal comments or peer tagging.

Please also see  Pima's Knowledge Base Articles around Email, Calendars and Collaboration, as well as  PCC Employees and Gmail@PCC and Pima's Gmail FAQ page.

Help for Google Tools - and Related Resources

Resource Share for Using Google Tools

Google Sheets for Interactives and Online Flashcards

Some faculty recommend using Flippity for creating interactives or online flashcards within Google Sheets

Using Google Slides for Interactive Learning & Digital Manipulatives

Here are 20 ways to use Google Slides as interactive notebooks at including: 1) image annotation, captioning, draggable manipulatives, coordinate plane mapping, collaborative notetaking, etc.   If you are interested in creating digital manipulatives through Google Slides, you might also check out this blog.

Making Your Google Sites Accessible

For guidance on color-contrast and ALT text in Google Sites, visit their Make Your Site Accessible page

Using Google Sites with Students

For students to use, keep in mind this cannot currently be opened with Pima Gmails.  As an alternative, students can be guided to create a professional, non-Pima Gmail using a standard naming convention ([email protected]) to create a site which enables them to demonstrate what they have learned in your course. 

Workshops on Google Apps

We do offer live workshops for individual departments and college-wide workshops, in consultation with the Faculty Services & Resource Center, through the Teaching and Learning Center.   

Beyond Google Suite

To learn more about tools within and beyond Google Suite for providing virtual whiteboards, corkboards, mindmaps or word cloud tools, visit our Virtual Whiteboards page.