Using PimaConnect to Support Students 

PimaConnect is a case management tool that provides a way for students to connect to their success network and for a student's success network to connect with them. PimaConnect is also the system PCC uses for Early Alerts. This page is designed to help you become comfortable with the system, learn how to build your profile and access your student information and explains the early alert process for faculty. 

This information can be learned in stages. We recommend starting with Step 1 and 2 before your classes begin. Step 3 and 4 are helpful after the semester begins, when you need to complete progress surveys or want to send flags or kudos to your students. 

Benefits of PimaConnect

How to Access PimaConnect and Build Your Profile

Help students connect with you! Watch the "PCC Access & Profile" 8 min video

Or, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log in to MyPima - Employees - Teach - Teach tab - click on "Go to PimaConnect"

Image of MyPima Teach tab

Step 2: Click on the hamburger icon in the top left corner (image of three horizontal lines) 

Step 3: Click on your name and go to "Edit Profile". Complete three steps: upload a photo, choose your Preferred Login Page and add an appropriate phone number for students to reach you at. You can also add a short biography and general overview. The recommended Login Page is the "Students - My Students" option.

Step 4: If you want to use the appointments tool, you can edit your appointment preferences and sync your PimaConnect calendar with your work (Google) calendar - see directions below. This enables students to schedule an appointment with you based on the times you have made visible. 

Step 5: Review the notifications section to customize your preferences of when or if you want notifications about appointments and/or tracking items to be sent to you via email. Tracking items are flags, kudos, and referrals that are used in early alerts.

Watch this video to learn how to access PimaConnect and to build your profile.

My Students Tab

You are able to view your entire student roster in the My Students Tab. In the Connection field, select which CRN you want to view. Make sure the Term is set to Active. You can also search for a student using their A# and/or name. 

Important Student Information

If you click on a student's name, you will be able to view more detailed information about that student. This includes:

Student Success Network

Have you ever wanted to connect your student with one advisor? 

If you click on the "network" tab you will be able to identify a students advisor. A student's connection to their advisor is based on the their current program of study listed in Banner. There are several types of advisors that work with PCC students. If a student needs to speak to their advisor, look for a:

A student's success network also includes other supports such as tutors and/or coaches that may be embedded in a student's class. If a student is a veteran or athlete, they also have a specific person they are assigned to within their network.

Early Alerts (Progress Surveys & Tracking Items)

Tracking Items (What are they?) 

A tracking item is either a flag, kudos, or referral that is sent within PimaConnect. A tracking item can be sent from a progress survey or from an individual outreach. A tracking item is sent to the intended staff or faculty that would reach out to the student. For example, a coach referral would be sent to the student's coach and a tutoring referral would be sent to the respective tutor for that course. Anyone in the student's network can view which tracking items the student has received. Some tracking items identified in a progress survey should be followed up by the instructor.

Progress Surveys (What are they?) 

Courses participating in PCC early alerts can have one of two different sets of progress surveys (described below). A progress survey is a survey sent from PimaConnect to faculty, at a specified time within the course, that asks for faculty's participation to identify students that need follow-up due to their current status in the course. This can be a referral, flag or, a kudos for doing a great job. 

There are two different sets of progress surveys. One set is for courses that have embedded college success coaches and another set is for those that don't. If you have a course with a coach and another course without, you would be sent both sets of progress surveys. Each set consists of three progress surveys that are sent out during targeted times within your course. The three different progress surveys within a set are commonly referred to as Progress Survey 1.0, Progress Survey 2.0, and Progress Survey 3.0. This helps identify the time of when it was set within the course.

Progress Survey Communications

Coach Surveys

Watch this video to learn how to complete a progress survey or to send an individual tracking item such as a flag, kudos or referral.

Progress Survey Deployment Dates - Sections WITH a Coach

Coach Progress Survey Info Su24.pdf

Non-Coach Surveys

This video is created by Starfish, our PimaConnect vendor, and provides a short 4 minute tutorial about progress surveys.

Progress Survey Deployment Dates - Sections WITHOUT a Coach

NO Coach Progress Survey Info Su24.pdf

Clearing Flags (Progress Surveys) 

When Should You Clear a Flag?

Once a flag is sent to the student and shared with the intended staff, there is an outreach process that is followed to connect with the student in a timely manner. If you are able to connect with the student before someone else (advisor or coach), then we ask that you clear the flag so communication is sent indicating that a conversation has occurred. This may happen if the student reaches out to you instead of the advisor or coach.

There are a few flags that are intended to be cleared by faculty!

The flags that are sent from Progress Survey 1.0 are intended to be cleared by you. The email communication sent to the student refers them back to you! The other flags and referrals are intended to be cleared by someone else that is in the student's success network. 

Watch this video to learn how to clear a flag in PimaConnect.

Additional Resources for Faculty New to Coaching

Pre-Semester Coach/Faculty Meeting

Watch the video below or review the Google slides if this is the first time you will have a college success coach in one or more of your courses. (recording of a pre-semester meeting conducted in fall 2021).

Updated Pre-Semester Coach/Faculty Meeting

Using PimaConnect

to Support Students

Proactive Coach Referrals

Proactive Coach Referrals can be used to supplement progress surveys or in place of a progress survey if the timing of the progress survey does not align with an appropriate time to contact students.  A proactive coach referral will generate an alert to the coach and also email the student that you would like them to connect with the coach about their progress. This is similar to what would occur from a progress survey but can be sent at any time during the semester. It can be sent to one student or multiple students. Below is a short video and written tutorial that explains how to create a proactive coach referral.

4 minute video about Proactive Coach Referrals

Contact Us

If you do not have access to PimaConnect from within MyPima, please email Kristy Snowden at [email protected]  

If you would like to provide feedback, both functional and technical issues, please email pima-c[email protected]

PimaConnect Calendar & Setting Appointments

Please visit the PimaConnect Calendar & Setting Appointments webpage if you are interested in syncing your work Google calendar with your PimaConnect calendar. This would give you the ability to send out a "Schedule an Appointment" link with students only seeing available times you have made available to them. The PimaConnect calendar automatically blocks times on the PimaConnect calendar that conflict with your work Google Calendar. 

This option is helpful because it:

Tutorial: Using the Zoom-In Feature in PimaConnect

Alternatively, view in full-screen

This is a new tool to assist faculty with tracking student performance throughout the course term. You can select this tab from the navigation bar.