PimaConnect Calendar & Appointments

Why use the PimaConnect Calendar tool?

If you are interested in syncing your work Google calendar with your PimaConnect calendar, follow the steps below. 

TIPS: Students are only able to see events that you allow them to view. The PimaConnect calendar automatically blocks times on the PimaConnect calendar that conflict with your work Google Calendar. You will be able to view your PimaConnect appointment slots on your work calendar and see all work events on your PimaConnect calendar. If you ever need to delete something from your PimaConnect calendar, make sure you do it in PimaConnect and not from your Google work calendar.

Step 1: Setting your Appointment Preferences

Before you can schedule open appointment/office hour slots, you will need to set up your appointment preferences. You can follow the steps below or watch the short video.

Step 2: Creating Office Hours & Student View of "Making an Appointment"

Now you are ready to build recurring office hours/appointment slots for your students to view. Review the brief descriptions below and then watch the short video to learn how to build "Office Hours." The video also provides an overview of what students see when they are scheduling an appointment within Office Hours.

Definitions of Appointment Types:

Once you have built your PimaConnect calendar office hours, you can send the calendar link to your students so they can schedule a time to meet with you. To find the link, go to "Appointment Preferences." Only students that are registered in your current semester courses will have access.

If you need more assistance or would like a live tutorial, please contact John Ocasio or Chris Rodriguez at [email protected].