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About our PimaOnline Faculty Development Course Series 

We provide free courses for all Pima faculty - including face-to-face, hybrid, and online instructors at Pima Community College. These short, 4-week and 5-week courses are designed to expand your online pedagogy and course design skills using D2L Brightspace and third-party tools. 

All faculty who anticipate teaching a pre-designed, D2l Brightspace course (i.e. course "masters") are strongly encouraged to complete our introductory course, TE125 TEACH: Introduction to Online Pedagogy.  For advanced courses in online design and teaching, please view the offerings below. 

What are our introductory courses? 

TE125 TEACH: Introduction to Online Pedagogy

This course is designed for faculty teaching from a predesigned course (what has previously been called a "course master").   Learn more. 

TE150 BUILD: Introduction to Instructional Design

This course is designed to help faculty learn how to build courses from scratch through D2L Brightspace. Learn more

What intermediate and advanced courses are offered?

How to Achieve LEAD-Level Certification

All Pima Faculty may attain LEAD-level certification by being TEACH and BUILD certified and by successfully completing four LEAD Seminars; one of the four must be the LEAD 175 focused on Quality Review/Course Development. Faculty who become LEAD certified receive a $500 honorarium for their effort.  To learn more, visit our LEAD Certification page. 

What Do Our LEAD Courses Look Like?

Other Options

Further Questions? 

If you have any questions about our upcoming faculty development offerings contact Reed Dickson ([email protected]). If you are seeking other kinds of offerings for your department, contact Reed and/or use our Faculty Development Workshops and Services Request Form.