Pima's Course Skeleton Template

Why Provide Faculty with a D2L Brightspace Course Template?

Intended Use

  • This course template pilot is designed for virtual, hybrid and face-to-face faculty who are beginning the semester with empty course shells.

  • It is not intended for PimaOnline faculty or other faculty teaching from a predesigned course master (i.e. one filled with content pages that already use HTML templates).

Primary Benefits

  • Quickly add content that your students will benefit from using a basic, predesigned course template.

  • Create pages within D2L Brightspace that are beautiful and accessible to students from any device?''

  • Prepare the most important pieces for your students (e.g. upload your syllabus, create your live gradebook, and personalize your meet-your-instructor widget).


Summary from 10/23/22 Announcement

The course skeleton template is intended for faculty to use as a starting point to build their virtual, hybrid, hyflex, or web-enhanced face-to-face classes and models and supports quality practices using Brightspace D2L. The course skeleton template provides the essential “bones” of a course including the most up-to-date course homepage that includes an easily editable instructor widget as well as access and instruction to accessible and mobile-friendly HTML templates. This allows faculty to be flexible and creative in their curriculum and ensures that their content is accessible and adaptive to mobile environments. In addition to the Skeleton Course Template please make use of the Virtual Course Readiness Cheat Sheet and the resources available at this website. Support for how to use the course skeleton template will be provided at each of the campuses in the FSRC or CRC. As well, ongoing training sessions on how to use the course skeleton template will be provided through the TLC.

FAQs (in progress)

Course Template Supplement for Pima Faculty and Staff

The embedded Google Document below is accessible to all Pima faculty or staff that are logged into their Pima Gmail accounts within Chrome.

Course Template Overview, POFG