Orientation to Online Learning

for Pima Students

What is the Orientation to Online Learning (OOL100)?

This self-paced, FREE course helps orient all students to D2L and online learning. Students can earn course badges and a certificate of completion after completing all course requirements. Content includes a review of a course syllabus, important online vocabulary, navigation of D2L tools, and online skills associated with student success.

Students can typically complete it within two hours. Please consider offering extra credit for earning the completion certificate or as an intro assignment. The student is able to access the course and their certificate at any time. 

OOL homepage

How can I access it to know how it supports online students?

The course is designed for students and only accessible by students. There is a new way that instructors can view the course.

Instructors can view the course (as a student) by using an external D2L access process. Using a personal email, you can create an account at https://coursemerchant.pima.edu/account?action=login. You will then be able to log in to D2L with this new username and password and get direct access to the OOL. You can earn the badges and completion certificate if desired.  

external access login homepage

How do students access it? How can I direct students to it?

All students that are currently registered in any credit-bearing course have access to the OOL from their D2L global homepage. 

Or, you can share the direct link - https://d2l.pima.edu/d2l/home/402332 that students can access

My Courses area on the global homepage

PimaOnline Navigator support in the OOL

PimaOnline Navigators are current online students that are available to assist students with navigating PCC's online environment and with being successful in their online classes. They interact with students in the OOL and reach out to students that have not earned the certificate.

Navigators also offer different types of virtual navigation sessions and can meet with students individually. Review additional information on their webpage to help connect students with a navigator.

PimaOnline Navigator homepage