Design Choices for Course Homepages 

at Pima Community College

What Choices are Available? 

What Home Page Design Choices are available?

As of May 2022, all newly created empty course shells, by default, utilize our latest accessible, responsive default course homepage template.   To learn more about how to use, switch to, or modify your own copy of this homepage, visit D2L Course Homepage.  To learn how to add or edit widgets, visit D2L WidgetsTo learn about "legacy" home page options from 2019, please scroll below. 

What if My Course is Cloned from a "Master"?

Courses that clone from other "master" course designs or existing courses will not show our latest default homepage.  

How do I view Legacy Home Page Options (from 2019)?

The eleven home pages below can be used for a wide variety of disciplines and include a couple of generic options as well.  Here are step-by-step instructions on how to implement these in your own course.

How to Access Previous PCC Course Homepages

Follow these steps if you are seeking for any reason to access our 2019 homepage options.

Step 1: Locate the Homepage Setup Area

From your course in D2L Brightspace, select the Course Resources dropdown menu. Choose Course Admin, then choose Homepages.

You will see a number of similarly titled homepages, for example “PCC Course Homepage Campuses Green”. These include the text “Shared to this org unit from Pima Community College” meaning all faculty enrolled in D2L Brightspace have access to use them. 

Step 2: Activate a PCC Course Homepage

Activate one of these course homepages by selecting the one you want from the Active Homepage dropdown menu and selecting the Apply button. Now, if you return to your course homepage, you should see the new header graphic and corresponding widget titlebar colors.

Step 3: Make a Local Copy of a PCC Course Homepage (Optional)

To change the course homepage you just applied you will need to make a local copy of this homepage. For example, you may choose to change the widget layout or color, or add title text above or below the image in the header widget.

From the Homepages area, select the dropdown arrow next to the appropriate homepage, and choose Copy from the dropdown menu. You will see a new version appear that ends with - Copy

Any changes you make to this copied version of your course homepage will only affect your course and not the global version of the course homepage or any of the other courses that utilize the global course homepage.

About Course Homepages

PCC Course Homepages are created by the Center for Learning Technology and include graphics and widgets that are available to all faculty enrolled in D2L Brightspace college-wide.   

For more information, contact Frankie Reynoso.