Your Course Homepage

What are course "Homepages" and why do they matter?

As Courses/CRNs are officially scheduled at Pima Community College, each course is generally provided a course "shell," or virtual classroom within our learning management system, D2L Brightspace.  When students first arrive, the first thing they see -- which we might think of as a "virtual front door" is the course "homepage."  As the course instructor, you are able to "decorate" this homepage in a variety of ways to reflect what you want students to see each time they arrive.  What do you want your students to see?  The latest announcements?  A welcoming picture that guides students on how to begin - or shares when and how to contact you?  A series of quick links to support students with common tasks? These layout elements and widgets can all be modified to make your homepage more warm and welcoming.

If you click on the "Global Home" icon in the upper left corner of D2L Brightspace, you will open Pima Community College's Global Homepage which includes a course menu of all current classes that you are enrolled in as an instructor - or as a student. 

What does the current default homepage include?

Pictured below are Pima's latest updated default homepage (as of May 2022).  Featured elements of this layout include:

System Widgets

Custom Pima Widgets

What does our PCC Quicklinks widget look like?

Left side view of the PCC Quicklinks widget

Initial View (without scrolling to right)

Right side view of PCC Quicklinks widget

Second View (after scrolling to right)

What does the default homepage look like on a computer?

Top Image of the default homepage on a computer screen

Home Page, Top Half of Computer Display

Bottom image of the default homepage on a computer screen

Home Page, Bottom Half of Computer Display

What does this look like on a cell phone?

Top part of the default homepage on a cell phone

Opening view, cell phone

Bottom part of the default homepage on a cell phone

End view, cell phone

What related resources might be helpful to faculty or students?