Course Admin

D2L's Course Administration Tool


D2L includes a "Course Admin" tool that is itself, essentially, a menu of over 40 advanced tools that can be used for both teaching and administrative purposes.  As of October of 2023, this is organized into six categories: Site Setup, Site Resources, Learner Management, Communication, Administration, and Learning Repository (LOR).

While students are not able to view "Course Admin" in their navbar, this appears for faculty, instructional designers, other advanced users of D2L Brightspace based on their access role for a given course.  This also includes some resources available within Pima's common navbar like the ability to manage course events with the Calendar tool.  Here are a few commonly used Course Admin tools 

Course Admin Pane with detailed tools connected with Site Setup, Resources, Learner Management, Assessment, Communications, Administration and the LOR

Tutortial: Attendance reporting in D2L 

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