Intelligent Agents

Creating Automated Tasks through Artificial Intelligence Tools Build Into D2L

Watch D2L's video tutorial for instructors on how to create an intelligent agent.

Ways Faculty Use D2L's Intelligent Agent Tool

  • email students with grades below a certain level

  • check for students who have not logged in within a specific number of days

  • check for students who view a specific content topic.

  • You can use existing release conditions, or create new ones for your agents. The agent then sends a separate email to the instructor that created the agent when it finds students matching its criteria.

  • You can create, edit and delete intelligent agents from the Agent List page. When you create a new agent, you need to determine:

  • what criteria it looks for

  • what the content is for the email that the agent sends when its conditions are met

  • how often it looks for students meeting its criteria.

Steps for Creating Your Own "Intelligent Agent"

To create an agent

  1. On a course navbar, click Course Admin.

  2. Click Intelligent Agents.

  3. On the Agent List page, click New.

  4. On the New Agent page, enter a name.

  5. Expand the Edit Description label and enter a description.

  6. If you want the agent to be active, select the Agent is enabled check box.

  7. Under Criteria > Role in Classlist, do one of the following:

    • If you want the intelligent agent to be applicable to all roles in the Classlist, select the All users visible in the Classlist check box.

    • If you want the intelligent agent to be applicable to select roles, select the Users with specific roles check box and select the respective roles.

  8. If you want your agent to target users' login habits, under Criteria > Login Activity, enter your criteria. Note: Login activity refers to logins at the platform level.

  9. If you want your agent to target users' course habits, under Criteria > Course Activity, enter your criteria.

  10. If you want your agent to run when a specific existing condition has been met, under Criteria > Release Conditions, click Attach Existing. Select the check box for any condition you want to attach and click Attach.

  11. If you want your agent to run when a specific new condition has been met, under Criteria > Release Conditions, click Create and Attach. Select a Condition Type from the drop-down list. Complete any additional Condition Details that appear and click Create.

  12. Under Actions > Repetition, select how often you want the agent to take action.

  13. If your role has the Use Agent Enrollment Actions and Perform Unenroll permissions, you can set your agent to perform an enrollment or unenrollment action:

    • Under Change User Enrollments, select the Change user enrollments when the criteria are satisfied check box.

    • From the Enrollment Action drop-down list, select the action you want your agent to perform and select the course.

    • If you want to Enroll user in a course, select an available course from the dialogue. Only courses you have permission to enroll in will be shown.

    • From the New Role drop-down list, select what role the user will be enrolled with when the agent criteria is satisfied.

  14. If you want the agent to send an email when the set criteria are satisfied, under Actions > Send an Email, select the Send an email when the criteria are satisfied check box and enter your email details and relevant attachments.

  15. If you want to schedule how frequently Brightspace Learning Environment evaluates the agent criteria, under Scheduling, select the Use Schedule check box. Click Update Schedule and set your scheduling details.Note: Scheduled intelligent agents stop running and are automatically disabled if the course is inactive, past its end date, or deleted. You can still set up a practice run or a manual run of an intelligent agent at any time in a course with a passed end date.

  16. Click Save and Close.