Video Assignments

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Pedagogical Use Case

For interactive video practices which enable simulated interviews, student presentations, etc.

Bongo Video Assignments Tool (formerly called "YouSeeU.")

  • Availability at Pima. This tool is currently available to all Pima instructors. As of 2021, instructors create new video assignments from within any module by clicking on the grey "Existing Activities" drop-down and selecting "Video Assignments."

  • Alternatives to Video Assignments: If you prefer consistently locating all asynchronous student interaction within D2L's Discussions Tool, from within that tool, you can ask students to create video-posts using D2L Videonotes (which does not allow for screen-sharing), or to share cloud-recording links (via Loom or Screencast-o-Matic).

Watch This PCC Video Demonstration

Using the Video Assignments Tool in D2L Brightspace (Closed Captioned YouTube video by PimaOnline World Languages Department Head Elena Grajeda)

Bongo Video Assignment Resources

Getting Started – Instructors

To facilitate the use of YouSeeU tools in D2L Brightspace, YouSeeU has created a knowledge base for instructors. Please use these resources to explore how you can use these new tools in your D2L Brightspace classroom.


  • Bongo's Group Project tool does not appear to currently sync with D2L's Groups. Instructor- or Learner-formed groups must be created within Bongo.

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