UPDATE: Panopto is the college-recommended and supported tool for student and faculty created video.

Loom for Education

Background on Loom

Many Pima faculty utilize Loom as a video solution for creating quick, free, short videos that introduce course content, provide student feedback, or enable students to create narrated presentations utilizing screen-sharing. 

Please keep in mind that neither Loom nor ScreenPal are designated as college-supported, licensed technologies.  If you are interested in exploring the free version of the tool, here are a few resources that may help:

Faculty FAQs

Can I upload videos to Loom for editing?

As of Dec 2021, you can only upload videos if you have a Business or Enterprise account (an "educator account" doesn't allow for that.  For videos you create in Loom using an educator account, Loom does now allow you to trim at the beginning, ending or middle of a video.  For a tool that has more robust editing features, try out Screencast'O'Matic.   

Keep in mind that when you upload any video from your computer to YouTube "Studio," it also allows for a range of basic editing features.  For more information, visit How to Trim Your Videos with the Video Editor in YouTube Studio 

Does Loom autocaption?

Loom's educator version does not.  To auto-caption and custom edit your videos, please upload using YouTube Studio.  

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