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This page provides brief resources related to using Google Meet.  For more about pedagogical practices within any live video meeting, visit our Synchronous Teaching page. 

Google Meet Support Links

General Support 

For questions about how to join and fully participate in live meetings, office-hours, group meetings or one-to-one conferences, please visit the official support pages for Google Meet:

Advanced Features in Google Meet

Google Meet Support Page To Share With Students

Google Meet Tutorials for Faculty by PCC IT Staff

To learn more about how to use Google Meet, visit the PCC IT YouTube Playlist for Faculty.  Here's a sample video below on How to Record a Meeting:

Google Meet Faculty FAQs

Is it possible to set all participants in "Hollywood" squares view like in Zoom?

Yes, this can be done by clicking on the vertical ellipsis (three dots) and changing the layout.  Currently, you can display up to 49 tiles depending on your window size. 

However, unlike Zoom, you cannot currently set the "Hollywood Squares" view of all students on a screen that is separate from any screen you are sharing.  (as of 9/9/21)

Is it possible to change my name within our video meeting window like in Zoom?

Not currently.  (as of 9/9/21)

Is it possible to share computer audio so that it's high quality like in Zoom?

To our knowledge, you can only share computer audio effectively if: 1) you share an individual tab instead of an entire window; and, 2) if that audio is playing from within that browser tab (not from your computer itself).  If you need to play audio that is saved to your computer or from a non-browser app, use Zoom.  If you hear an echo while sharing your audio, you may need to either: 1) use a headset; or, 2) mute your own microphone.   (as of 9/9/21)

Recorded Workshops

Focusing on the Pedagogy

To learn more about pedagogical practices, visit our free on-demand workshops including: 

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