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Instructors - Issues with Course content

As an Instructor, you experience issues with course content

Dec 19, 2019 • Knowledge

My content displays a "The file associated with this content topic cannot be found." error when accessed

This occurs when the associated file does not exist, was deleted, or was moved to a different folder.

If you believe the file may have been moved:

  1. Select the down arrow next to the file link in Content > select Change File.

2. Select Choose Existing to search for the file in the course

  • Selecting the file's name will open it in another tab, allowing you to confirm whether it is the correct file.

3, If the desired file is found, select the radio button to the left of its name > Select Add.

4. Choose whether to notify students of the change, then Select Update to complete the change.

If your content was copied from another course:

  1. Go to to the course it was copied from.

  2. Locate the content, and confirm whether the file exists there.

      • If the same error occurs, the file does not exist in the original course either.

  3. Go back to the original course.

  4. Go to Course Admin/Edit Course.

  5. Select Import / Export / Copy Components.

  6. Select Search for Offering.

  1. Choose Select Components.

  1. Select Content > Select individual items to copy.

  2. Select the item you wish to copy.

If the above steps did not resolve the issue, and the file was deleted within the last 30 days, please select the CHAT WITH AN EXPERT button in the bottom right of this page.

  • You will need to provide the exact date when the files existed, along with the name of the file that was deleted.

  • Files that were deleted the same day they were created cannot be restored.

Students are encountering an error when clicking on a link.

This can occur if:

  • The link is broken.

  • If the linked item has release conditions that have not been met.

  • If the link is directing them to a different course they do not have access to.

The Link is within a content item:

  1. Select Edit HTML.

  1. Highlight the broken link.

  2. Select Quicklinks in the top left of the editor.

  • For External Links (Youtube, News Articles, External Tools, etc.):

a. Insert the correct link in the URL field.

b. Select Update to save the change.

  • For Internal Links

a. Select the dropdown at the top of the pop-up

b. Select where to link (Quiz, Dropbox, etc) and then choose the specific item.

The link is on the Contents page:

  • External Links (Youtube, News Articles, External Tools, etc.):

  1. Select the link to confirm whether it is linked to the desired location.

  2. If the link is incorrect:

  • Select the down arrow next to it > select Edit Video.

  • Update the link's URL > select Update to save the change.

3. If the link is correct:

  • Go to the site and make sure no membership is required to access it.

  • Internal Links (Dropbox, Discussions, Quizzes, etc.):

    • Go to the content item, then check whether any Release Conditions have been set, or if it has a Start / End date:

      • These can be confirmed by:

        1. Locating the topic (ex. Quiz) > Select down arrow to the right of its name.

        2. Select Edit Properties In-Place.

        3. Confirm whether a start or end date has been set, and/or whether a release condition has been set.

        4. Check whether the student has met the release condition(s).

        5. If the release condition(s) have not been met, then the student will not be able to access the item.

          • If the release conditions have been met, but the error still occurs, ask the student to access the item directly.

            • Ex. For a Quiz, have them go to the Quizzes tool to access the quiz.

My students cannot see a content item

  1. Go to Content and locate the item.

2. Check whether the item has been set to Draft

    • Items that have been set to draft cannot be seen by students. Select the dropdown next to Draft and set it to Published to resolve this.

  1. Check whether the item has a Start Date or End Date:

  • Items with a Start Date cannot be accessed until that date/time has been reached.

  • Items with an End Date cannot be accessed once that date/time has passed.

  • To remove or edit the date:

    1. Select the item.

    2. You can then edit the date by selecting it.

    3. Once selected, you can also select the X's to remove them.

4. Check whether the item has any Release Conditions:

  • Items with release conditions cannot be accessed until the user has met the condition(s). To remove a Release Condition:

  1. Select the item.

  2. Select the Release Condition.

  3. Select the X to the right of the Release Condition to remove it.

4.Alternatively, all conditions can be deleted by clicking Remove all Conditions button.

How to hide/restrict content from my students?

  1. Go to the item you wish to hide.

2. Select the down arrow to the right of its name > select Edit Properties In-place.

3. Choose which of these scenarios is most applicable to you:

  • I want to hide the item completely:

    1. Select the dropdown on the right.

2. Select Draft.

      • The item will remain completely hidden until it is set to Published.

  • I want the item to only be visible if the students meet certain conditions.

3. Select Add dates and restrictions.

4. Under Release Conditions, either:

      • Select Create to make a new condition.

        1. Choose the Condition Type (Such as visiting a content item or completing a quiz)

        2. Select the specific Item they condition will check (ex. Student has visited the Syllabus Content Item)

      • Select Browse to add an existing condition.

  • I want the item to only be visible for/from/until a certain day or time.

5. Click Add dates and restrictions.

6.Select Add start date and/or Add end date to specify a day and time.

          • Start dates prevent students from accessing the item until the specified day and time.

          • End dates prevent students from accessing the item once the specified day and time have passed.