Image Resources for Teaching & Design

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Free and Low-Cost Image Resources

Following are a few free or low cost sources of images that are either public domain, or that you have the right to use by becoming a member of a service or by subscribing to a service.

Please read each site’s Terms and Conditions regarding use and image credits.

  1. Art Images for College Teaching

  2. CDC Public Health Image Library

  3. The Commons on Flickr

  4. freeimages

  5. Google Arts And Culture Institute

  6. Image After

  7. Image Quest (available for PCC faculty, staff and students for PCC-only non-commercial educational use)

  8. NASA/JPL (more NASA images can be found here, also)

  9. National Cancer Institute Visuals Online

  10. National Park Service

  11. National Science Foundation

  12. New York Public Library Digital Collections: Public Domain Collections

  13. Open Photo

  14. Pexels

  15. Pixabay

  16. Unsplash

  17. U.S. Geological Survey Maps, Imagery, and Publications