D2L Brightspace Release Notes


Any embedded Google Document(s) below are accessible to all Pima faculty or staff that are logged into their Pima Gmail accounts within Chrome.  Click on the embedded Google Doc(s) below and scroll down to view. 

"D2L Brightspace Release Highlights for Administrators" and Designers and Educators

To view the latest from D2L, we recommend going directly to their "Release Highlights for Administrators" YouTube Playlist.  

Please keep in mind that some releases are available immediately, whereas others may be reviewed by your institution (i.e. Pima Community College) before they are enabled campus-wide.  

Here's a sample release highlight video

August 2021 Release Notes

D2L Release Notes, 2021 Sept (Shared)

May 2021 Release Notes

2021-May D2L Release Notes (shared)