New Features for the Grades Tool

The Grade Book helps you and your students track your their grades, both from classroom assignments you manually enter as well as from any D2L Brightspace deliverables (e.g., Quizzes, Discussions) that you choose to use. At the end of the term, you can also export your Grade Book to an Excel spreadsheet for later review purposes.

The Center for Learning Technology has compiled a list of common questions and possible solutions to aid you in addressing your D2L Brightspace Grades tool questions. Please review these FAQ topics and select the topic that meets your needs.

Grade items represent the individual assignments, quizzes, discussions, etc. that you want to grade students on. Each grade item has its own entry in the grade book, which you assign a grade to for each student. Grade items can be tied to other course objects, such as quizzes or discussion forums, or they can exist independently.

Bonus grade items are extra credit that students can elect to complete for points. Bonus items can only improve a grade, and will not dock points if not completed.

At your discretion, Final Calculated Grades are released, or hidden, from students. You can see if these grades are visible to your students by looking at the Enter Grades tab of your course. To check on the status, look for the Final Grade Not Released icon or the Final Grade Released icon.

Visit this page to learn how to set up a gradebook from scratch.