What is Turnitin.com? 

Turnitin.com is a third-party originality-checking tool that is integrated within the D2L Assignments tool at Pima Community College.   It does not currently function within the D2L Discussions tool or any other D2L tools. 

As of May 2023, within the "Evaluation and Feedback" section of D2L Assignments, faculty can enable and manage Turnitin features which include: 1) "Enabling Similarity Reports" including their AI writing detection model; 2) Allowing learners to see similarity scores in their submission folders; 3) Enabling Turnitin's Online Grading suite of feedback tools; 4) grade syncing; and 5) more options.  

These additional options include: A) a review of grammar, spelling, usage, mechanic and/or style; 2) attachable rubrics (not connected with the D2L rubric tool); 3) what to compare text against (their student paper repository, current and archived web site content, and periodicals, journals and publications); 4) "Similarity Report" features (which by default exclude bibliographic and quotes materials but can be adjusted), 5) the ability to generate student reports immediately upon submission, upon due date, or leading up to the due date; and, 6) the ability to exclude text to be excluded from a similarity report.   

Pima does not subscribe to the Turnitin Draft Coach tool. 

Does Turnitin.com Include AI Writing Detection?

While Turnitin.com does include, as of April 2023, an "AI writing detection" tool within its "Originality" suite, please note that such tools can generate false positives.   

Given that AI has become a common tool for learning and the workplace, as with graphing calculators, we encourage you to first communicate (e.g. within a "syllabus statement" and/or a class activity) whether and how your students are expected to use AI for learning and writing in your class.  For emerging ideas on how to communicate your specific AI expectations, visit our ChatGPT and AI for Teaching page.   

Tutorial: Enabling Turnitin within assignment (individual assignment) 

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Tutorial: Enabling Turninit within assignment (group assignment)

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Watch how to create a submission folder, enable Turnitin, etc.