PimaOnline Educators' Conference 2022

November 2-4, 2022

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 If you registered to attend, simply click on this D2L Conference site link to visit our virtual conference space in D2L.  

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Our Conference Theme

The POEC22 conference theme was "Humanizing the Distance." At POEC 22, we pay special attention to the question of how we, as educators and designers, can better humanize online learning environments for our diverse student population.

Save the Date.  POEC 22, Nov 2-4

Conference Background

The design of our 2021 PimaOnline Educators' Conference was recognized by two national/global awards: the D2l 2022 Excellence Award and the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) Accelerate 2022 Award.  To learn more, visit our conference archives page. 

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To view this embedded schedule below, make sure to first log into your Pima Gmail within Chrome to view.  To view all items in the schedule, scroll down within the window below or open the Google Document in a new tab.

POEC2022 Schedule (Live Working Draft)

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POEC22 Speakers

Registration is Now Closed.

Humanizing the Distance: PimaOnline Educators' Conference 2022 Conference Registration

Registration is no longer open to all PCC faculty and staff for this year's free, award-winning conference which takes place November 2-4, 2022. 

 Attend all three days of our virtual conference, or simply attend single sessions. To be able to attend, sign up today using our one-minute registration form.  

Our Call for Proposals (CFP) closed May 6, 2022

Proposal Timeline.

Replies were sent in mid-September for all proposals.  Thank you for all your submissions!

PimaOnline Educators Conference CFP (Deadline: May 6, 2022). 

We invite all Pima Community College educators, instructional designers, educational technologists, and educational videographers to submit a brief proposal reflecting your latest innovative teaching, edtech, and course design practices.  In support of our conference theme, we seek presentations and resource sharing that advance innovation, open pedagogy, OER and equitable teaching. We are particularly seeking HSI-focused submissions. Presentations can be focused on any/all modalities (fully-online, virtual live teaching, web-enhanced face-to-face, or HyFlex). Pima faculty and staff are invited to submit proposals for live or pre-recorded presentations (or micro-presentation), or for resource shares using our Google Form. For related inquiries, email the POEC 22 conference designer, Reed Dickson.

 Call for Proposals, Pima Online Educators' Conference 2022.  Click Here to Submit