"What Chat GPT and Generative AI Mean for Science Education: A Workshop"
with Reed Dickson and Emily Halvorson-Otts

About: On, we will host our first ChatGPT workshop! This workshop on Friday, January 27 at 11 am is hosted by the Pima Community College TLC and is open to all faculty and staff. We hope you'll join us!

Description: This faculty development workshop will explore the implications of chat GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) and generative AI for science education. Participants will learn about the capabilities of these technologies and how they can be integrated into science classrooms to enhance student learning. The workshop will include discussions and hands-on activities to help participants understand the potential of chat GPT and generative AI in science education.

This description was, incidentally, created by the generative AI tool, ChatGPT ( We will close by discussing how to use d2l and third-party tools to create learning activities with ChatGPT in mind. You are encouraged to play with this tool in advance of our workshop and consider how it might impact any of your current approaches to teaching and learning.