The Glossary tool allows you to store terms and their definitions. Each course has its own glossary and you can populate this with explanations of concepts and terms that are relevant to the course. Users can then access this glossary and search for particular terms.

Note: This tool always opens in a separate window.

Using the Glossary Tool

If the Glossary link is not in the Course Resources dropdown in your navbar, you can add it. Please see the user guide for navbars for more information on adding tools to your course.

Creating Glossary Terms

  1. On the main Glossary page, select the New Term button.

  2. Type a title for the new glossary term in the Term field.

  3. Type the definition of the term in the Definition field.

  4. You can also use the Spell Check and Preview icons to spell check and preview the term.

  5. If you want the glossary term to link to a content topic, select the topic from the Link to Content Topic dropdown list. Note: You must have the content topic already created in order to link the glossary term to it.

  6. Select Save, or select Save and New to save and add another term.

Importing Glossary Terms

You have the option to create all of the glossary words for your course at one time on your computer and import them into D2L Brightspace all at once.

To import multiple glossary terms, you must supply a CSV (comma separated values) file containing your glossary information. Each field in this file should be separated by a comma and each row by a line break. The first field in the first row must contain the text "Term" and the second field must contain the text "Definition". All subsequent rows will contain the actual terms and definitions that you want to import. A sample CSV file is available on the Import Terms page.

Recommended: Download the sample file (it will open in Excel) and use it as a template to input your terms. Then upload the file into the Glossary.

  1. On the main Glossary page, select the Import Terms button. The Import Terms page displays.

  2. To see a sample import file, select the Download sample CSV file link and save the file to a location of your choice, then open the file.

  3. Create your CSV import file, go to Import Terms in the Glossary, and select the Choose File button to locate the file; select Open.

  4. Select the Import Terms button. A preview page is displayed, showing all of the terms found in the CSV file.

  5. Select the terms you want to import using the checkboxes beside each term. (By default, all terms are selected.)

  6. If you want to modify the title or definition of any term before importing, you can do so directly from this page.

  7. Select Import Selected Terms to complete the import.

Managing Glossary Terms

Editing a Glossary Term

  1. On the main Glossary page, do one of the following:

    • Select the name link of a term

    • Select Edit Term from the dropdown menu next to the term

  2. Make your revisions.

  3. Select Save

Deleting a Glossary Term

  1. On the main Glossary page, select Delete from the dropdown menu next to the term.

  2. Select Yes in the confirmation message.

Deleting Multiple Terms

  1. On the main Glossary page, select the terms that you want to delete using the checkboxes to their left. To select all terms, use the Select All checkbox at the top of the list.

  2. Select the Delete icon at the top of the list terms.

  3. Select Yes in the confirmation message.