The Glossary tool allows you to store terms and their definitions. Each course has its own glossary and you can populate this with explanations of concepts and terms that are relevant to the course. Users can then access this glossary and search for particular terms.

Note: This tool always opens in a separate window.

Using the Glossary Tool

If the Glossary link is not in the Course Resources dropdown in your navbar, you can add it. Please see the user guide for navbars for more information on adding tools to your course.

Creating Glossary Terms

Importing Glossary Terms

You have the option to create all of the glossary words for your course at one time on your computer and import them into D2L Brightspace all at once.

To import multiple glossary terms, you must supply a CSV (comma separated values) file containing your glossary information. Each field in this file should be separated by a comma and each row by a line break. The first field in the first row must contain the text "Term" and the second field must contain the text "Definition". All subsequent rows will contain the actual terms and definitions that you want to import. A sample CSV file is available on the Import Terms page.

Recommended: Download the sample file (it will open in Excel) and use it as a template to input your terms. Then upload the file into the Glossary.

Managing Glossary Terms

Editing a Glossary Term

Deleting a Glossary Term

Deleting Multiple Terms